Friday, June 5, 2009

Rust stains in the plaster

Rust stains in the plaster are unsightly! One way to get rid of the stain is to drain the pool, chip out the stain down to the re-bar, cut out the iron that is causing the stain, and re-plaster the void. This process is time consuming and costly. The alternate method is to buy a ceramic fish to cover the stain, glue it over the area with under water epoxy. This requires a pleasant swim to adhere the tile. The time is cut drastically, and the expense is minimal. The stain is now covered with nice looking detail that will last for years. Enjoy the pool!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


We recently had a bad wind storm that uprooted trees and downed power lines, gust were clocked at hurricane force. I always thought the wind was job insurance for pool maintenance , but a bad blow was a nightmare. It would take a good week to get the pools back in shape, sometimes the water had to be drained and the debris shoveled out. The first thing to do is skim the top of the pool and skim out big debris off the bottom. The leaf gobbler is a good tool for getting leafs and other stuff off the bottom. The down side to this was the water would cloud up from the dirt that would pass through the net. A good vacuum was the next priority. The leaf muffler, attached to the vac hose, would help in catching leaves, and a porta-vac keeps the system filter clean. It is important to clean the pool as fast as time allows, because stain will mark the plaster. A good brushing of the pool after vacuuming helps a lot. With the tools mentioned, one can tackle the job in quicker time. Remember to check the chemicals and keep the filter clean, so there is good circulation. I have seen some bad storms and the aftermath is strenuous, but with time the pool will be back to normal, ready for the next blow.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Heat the Pool-Equipment

With the winter months upon us, it is time to heat the water in the pool. In the desert where I live, pool usage is a year-round experience. One can use the heater provided or they can use solar panels to produce free heat. The pool heater is rather expensive to use so solar panels are very helpful in reducing the cost. There are several solar panels available. One panel is plastic or PVC. The other panels are more expensive but are more efficient: they are the copper panel and the glazed panel. I have serviced many pools with solar panels. The solar system works very well when a pool blanket is used to help retain the heat. The pool temperature is around 70°. By using the heater one can bring the temperature up to a comfortable level. With the solar panels, the pool can be used in the cold months of the year at a reduced cost to the pool owner. Enjoy the pool!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pool Service

I read in the paper that the recession is causing the home owner to service their own pool. Beware, if you don't have the time, don't take on the challenge. A pool needs at least several hours a week to do the task. In the hot summer months, chemical checking is important. The pool service technician receives the chlorine daily. There is a shelf life with chlorine, so getting it fresh is important. No telling how long the chemical sits on the shelf in the markets, also it is weaker. The filter needs cleaning and the pool needs to be brushed and vacuumed once a week. If you decide to do the pool, remember that a pool will turn green in a couple of days if not properly maintained. The expense in getting a pool back in shape, could be more than you save. Good luck in whatever you do to maintain a refreshing and clean pool.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Water Level to Full in the Pool - Equipment

If the water level of the pool is to high, the skimmer won't work as it is designed to. The weir gate does not operate. In the old days this was remedied by a good back wash of the filter, draining the water to the desired level. With the introduction of the cartridge filter, there is no dry well. But there is a devise that fits in the suction of the deck skimmer, the suction turns an impeller that creates suction. This takes the unwanted water out of the pool and through a discharge hose that deposits it where ever you want. With heavy rains, and over filling, I found this product to be very useful. The skimmer on the pool helps to rid unwanted debris off the surface and provides a clean pool for use. The proper circulation of the water through a filter, along with the skimming action, keeps the pool clean and inviting for every one.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Refreshing Cool Pool

It is nice to refresh in a cool pool in the hot summer days. Sometimes the water temperature of the pool is to warm to enjoy. The solution is a cooling tower! With water temperatures in the mid 90s, the pool needs more chemical and is not refreshing to those who exercise and swim laps. With a< "Swim Cool Systems"> cooling tower, the water can be cooled by 10 degrees. I like the water around 90, but I just relax and do not swim laps. With vigorous exercise you need to have cool water. The tower is installed on the filtering system with minimal work. Cooling towers have been in the industry for many years. Dry Cleaners, agriculture and other public works of water cooling use them. It is nice to refresh in a comfortable environment in whatever temperature you like, so cool down in your pool. Enjoy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Green Pool - Pool Chemicals

I went to my brothers pool after he left it unattended for a week, and it was green. The outdoor temperatures were over 105 degrees. The algae was thick, so I put in a gallon of ammonia, bought at WalMart for $2, and 4 gallons of chlorine. The next day the pool was blue, no more algae. The filter had to be cleaned because of the dead algae, that is a must. Also the chlorine must be checked every other day, for the ammonia and chlorine work together, the combination uses the chlorine to kill the algae. The use of the pool is on hold for a few days, but the end result is an algae free pool. Where the temperatures are high in the desert, the chemicals are used quickly. A floater chlorine container> with chlorine tabs inside, helps to keep the residual up and the water clear. Enjoy the pool.