Monday, March 17, 2008

Solar Pool Blanket: Equipment

The solar pool blanket is a very good product. It holds in the heat, produces heat, maintains the water level and holds the chemical balance for a longer time. The blanket is a clear plastic with bubbles that magnify the suns rays and transfers the heat to the water. If one goes to the expense of using the pool heater, the blanket holds the heat in the water and does not let it evaporate as fast. The blanket prolongs the use of the pool, but a system for removal is up to the users. The service price is usually increased because of the time it takes for one man to remove it and keep it clean. There is a Reel available to remove the blanket that makes it easy for one person, otherwise the blanket can be left in the pool and folded and tied to the side. The blankets last a couple of years, and the savings are worth it. They come in different thickness' which determine the price, the thicker last longer. Enjoy the pool with free heat that the sun produces. Have a happy and safe time in the pool.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

H2O: Pure water: Pool Chemicals

There is a devise one installs on the filter system that generates Pure Water with electrolysis. The sanitizers produced are oxygen and hydrogen and copper for algae control. I have taken care of pools for 30 years and I feel that chlorine is the only sanitizer that works. Being from the desert where temperatures are high, water is vulnerable. Algae grows in warm water and the temperature of the pool water reaches 90 degrees plus, a perfect haven for algae. Copper is great for algae control, but do oxygen and hydrogen really sanitize the water? Where water temperature is stable, it might work, but chlorine has been the choice of sanitizing water that comes from our taps for drinking. I am for pure water, but sanitizing is important to kill viruses and pathogens and chlorine works. Enjoy the pool with whatever works, but be sure to sanitize the water.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fresh Water: Drain the water in the pool.

Every four to five years, the draining of the pool water is good to help maintain the proper chemical balance. Through the years, hard particles stay in the water, they don't evaporate, so draining is the option. A chlorine wash may be necessary if algae is a problem. Do not mix the chlorine and the acid for that makes a lethal gas. Rubbing stubborn algae spots and using chlorine can brighten the surface of the plaster. It is not like an acid wash, where a thin layer of plaster is removed, but prepares the pool for fresh water. After the water has been replaced, adding conditioner(cyanuric acid) helps to hold the chemicals in the water so they can do the work set out for them. The pool is now ready for everyone to enjoy.