Thursday, January 31, 2008

Algae in Swimming Pools

There are two common kinds of algae in pools, the black algae and the yellow algae. The black is a stubborn growth that grows in spots on the plaster. To get rid of this growth, one would have to brush it with a steel brush or sprinkle pure chlorine powder on the affected area. Be careful not to allow the wind to blow the powder on your body for it is very irritable to the skin. There is a devise that will hold a chlorine tab that attaches to the pole, and the tab is rubbed directly on the spot. There are commercial products in liquid form that contain silver and copper that works with time. The yellow algae grows all over the pool and can be brushed off easily. Ammonia is the best solution for this growth. One gallon of ammonia with two gallons of chlorine works well, but this method does not allow swimmers to use the pool for several days. Ammonia sulfate (the fertilizer) in dry form with chlorine (two lbs of ammonia and two gallons chlorine) works and does not restrict the use of the pool. Yellow Out is a commercial product with ammonia sulfate in it, but the expense is more than the fertilizer. The task of keeping a pool algae free, is part of the servicing contract, along with a sparkling clean pool to swim in.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Porta-vac; Equipment

What is that contraption on the back of a pool cleaners truck? It is a Porta-vac, a complete filtering and pumping rig on a wheeled carrier. The Pool Cleaner can wheel this to the side of a pool and plug it in and have a good vacuuming system. Many pools have poor suction for vacuuming, but with this rig the suction is great. Also the dirt is kept in the Port-vac filter, not the built in system. The Pool Cleaner can clean out the filter on his own time, leaving the systems filter clean, less back washing. The Porta-vac was introduced in the 80s and became a must for the business. With the added suction, a larger vac head could be used and the pool cleaned much faster. Time is a factor when many pools are taken care of. Most Port-vacs are assembled by the person of the business, allowing them to choose the filter and pump. There are complete rigs available, but one saves by doing the labor themselves.