Thursday, July 24, 2008

Water Level to Full in the Pool - Equipment

If the water level of the pool is to high, the skimmer won't work as it is designed to. The weir gate does not operate. In the old days this was remedied by a good back wash of the filter, draining the water to the desired level. With the introduction of the cartridge filter, there is no dry well. But there is a devise that fits in the suction of the deck skimmer, the suction turns an impeller that creates suction. This takes the unwanted water out of the pool and through a discharge hose that deposits it where ever you want. With heavy rains, and over filling, I found this product to be very useful. The skimmer on the pool helps to rid unwanted debris off the surface and provides a clean pool for use. The proper circulation of the water through a filter, along with the skimming action, keeps the pool clean and inviting for every one.

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