Thursday, April 23, 2009


We recently had a bad wind storm that uprooted trees and downed power lines, gust were clocked at hurricane force. I always thought the wind was job insurance for pool maintenance , but a bad blow was a nightmare. It would take a good week to get the pools back in shape, sometimes the water had to be drained and the debris shoveled out. The first thing to do is skim the top of the pool and skim out big debris off the bottom. The leaf gobbler is a good tool for getting leafs and other stuff off the bottom. The down side to this was the water would cloud up from the dirt that would pass through the net. A good vacuum was the next priority. The leaf muffler, attached to the vac hose, would help in catching leaves, and a porta-vac keeps the system filter clean. It is important to clean the pool as fast as time allows, because stain will mark the plaster. A good brushing of the pool after vacuuming helps a lot. With the tools mentioned, one can tackle the job in quicker time. Remember to check the chemicals and keep the filter clean, so there is good circulation. I have seen some bad storms and the aftermath is strenuous, but with time the pool will be back to normal, ready for the next blow.

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