Thursday, November 20, 2008

Heat the Pool-Equipment

With the winter months upon us, it is time to heat the water in the pool. In the desert where I live, pool usage is a year-round experience. One can use the heater provided or they can use solar panels to produce free heat. The pool heater is rather expensive to use so solar panels are very helpful in reducing the cost. There are several solar panels available. One panel is plastic or PVC. The other panels are more expensive but are more efficient: they are the copper panel and the glazed panel. I have serviced many pools with solar panels. The solar system works very well when a pool blanket is used to help retain the heat. The pool temperature is around 70°. By using the heater one can bring the temperature up to a comfortable level. With the solar panels, the pool can be used in the cold months of the year at a reduced cost to the pool owner. Enjoy the pool!

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