Friday, June 20, 2008

Leafpot O-Ring Seal-Parts

Sometimes the leaf pot o-ring on the lid flattens out and causes a bad seal. What I did was to invert the ring putting the good side down and prevent having to buy a new o-ring. This would last many months and was a quick remedy for the leak of air into the system. When air comes into the pool by the return line, this was the first thing I would check. Enjoy the pool.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Time Clock-Parts

There is a time clock on the pools that allows the owner to run the filter at their times. If service is done, then the person cleaning the pool will set it for the times convenient for them. In the hot summer months, it is advisable to run the filter for 10 hours or more and about six hours in the winter. If the pool receives a lot of use, more time is needed for filtering. Also running the filter at night will lower the temperature of the water. If the water is to warm, one can cool the water by evaporation. A devise is installed on the return line that pumps the water through a sprayer over the surface of the pool. In the desert the water temperature of the pool is over 90 degrees, this temp uses more chemical and needs more circulation. Enjoy the water and be safe...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Resurface the Pool

Through time, a pool needs to be resurfaced. There are many ways to do a pool. You can paint the pool with the many products available. I never found a paint that worked well, after a short while the paint would cloud up the water when brushed and require a fresh coat. Painting a pool is something one can do their selves. Hiring a contractor to re-plaster the pool is another way. The old plaster is removed down to the gunite, by the use of a jack hammer, and a new coat of plaster is applied. For more money, the plaster mix is combined with granite or pebbles, a harder finish than plaster alone. There are different colors available with these additions. The pool looks more natural and this process will last for 10 years. One can fiberglass the interior of a pool, which leaves a smooth and durable finish. It is best to hire someone familiar with this technique. The pools at my place are fiberglassed and I am very satisfied with this surface and it lasts for years. Whatever you choose, the end result is like a new pool. Look into the techniques and make a choice.